NUAIR Selects AirMap As UTM Provider At Griffiss UAS Test Site

The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR Alliance) and Rome, New York’s Griffiss International Airport have selected AirMap to provide UTM services to “visualize, manage, and support” UAS operations at the Griffiss New York UAS Test Site.


NUAIR Alliance is building a UTM 50-mile test corridor for beyond visual line-of-sight testing (BVLOS) in the U.S. Its partnership with AirMap will provide enhanced UTM capabilities for ongoing UAS operations.


“NUAIR Alliance is excited to bring in AirMap to power the test corridor with leading-edge UTM services,” says Maj. Gen. (ret.) Marke F. “Hoot” Gibson, CEO of the NUAIR Alliance. “Their global expertise is essential in accelerating the work we’re doing to advance UAS technologies.”


The AirMap UTM Platform will power NUAIR’s core UTM services, which will allow “traffic controllers management of airspace data, authorizations, and real-time air traffic.” AirMap will also enable UAS service supplier (USS) to USS communications interfaces for the exchange of safety-critical airspace information between NUAIR and other USS.


AirMap brings demonstrated expertise in a variety of areas to the table, including low-altitude airspace management, deconfliction, and authorization across the globe to operationalize advanced UAS concepts such as BVLOS, remote ID, and counter-UAS.


“AirMap works to support and enable advanced drone operations with leading UTM technologies,” says Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and chairman. “We share in New York state’s vision, and we’re proud to partner with NUAIR in integrating drones safely into the national airspace system.”



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