Sky-Drones Integrates AirMap Airspace Services

Sky-Drones – worldwide leading company with an exceptional background in UAV flight control systems design and manufacturing. Sky-Drones creates drone autopilots hardware, onboard flight control software, mobile software and cloud services. The company helps its global customers to build and operate commercial drones for security, inspections and mapping. Sky-Drones highly appreciates and always strives to enhance the safety of drone operations.


AirMap makes drones part of everyday life by building the airspace services platform to let innovation take flight. It provides drone manufacturers easy to implement APIs and SDKs for intelligent and safer drone flight.


Drones allow simple access to the sky for everyone and transform the way how businesses work and the way we live.
“With the exponentially growing number of drones, we need to ensure ultimately safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into non-segregated airspace. To even further increase and bring it to the next level we integrated AirMap – the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones,” – said Kirill Shilov, CEO Sky-Drones.


AirMap connects drone operators with airspace authorities to enable safe, efficient, and scalable drone operations through core UTM services.


SmartAP GCS – mission planning and control software by Sky-Drones, it’s available for all platforms and operating systems and provides seamless integration of geographical and situational awareness information including weather data, airspace advisories information, flight rules and restrictions and even live airspace authorizations from thousands of airports in the United States through FAA.


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