Ukrainian Company Unveils New Drone With Grenade Launcher

Ukrainian company Matrix UAV has developed a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) eqquiped with a grenade launcher, said Yuriy Kasyanov on 17 August.


Yuriy Kasyanov announced on his Facebook page that еру Matrix UAV company has developed an attack multi-purpose unmanned vehicle, called the “Demon”.


The first prototype of the Demon UAV is fitted with the RPG-26 grenade launcher. It is also possible to install RPG-7 grenade launcher, small arms, carry a bomb load weighing up to 5 kg.


The configuration of drone with a grenade launcher is designed to pre-emptive surprise attacks on armored vehicles, firing points, air defense systems, enemy headquarters at distances up to 10 km. The control is manual (will be semi-automatic) by the operator on the video channel with the signal transmission via the air repeater based on the chimera “Chimera” UAV.


In the kamikaze version or loitering munition, the new Demon UAV can strike at a distance of up to 20 km with a warhead weighing up to 7 kg. Or, in a hybrid version, it is to hit a target at a distance of up to 90 km.


Kyiv-based Matrix UAV research and production company also developing a modern family of multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles capable to reconnaissance and monitoring of roads, borders, forests, and waterways, detect targets in the battlefield, traffic, state borders.




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