DroneShield’s Product Suite Accepted to the GSA Schedule

DroneShield Ltd  is pleased to advise that its full product suite has been approved for placement on, and placed on, the GSA Schedule.

The GSA (General Services Administration) is an agency of the United States government that supplies products for U.S. government offices and operates the Federal Acquisition Service (the FAS). As part of this effort, it maintains the GSA Schedule, which other U.S. government agencies can use to buy goods and services. Procurement managers from various U.S. government agencies can seamlessly make purchases of the products that are on the GSA Schedule, knowing that the terms of such purchases have been preset between the vendor and the GSA. The process is further streamlined through GSA Advantage, an online government purchasing service run by the GSA in order to provide a streamlined and efficient purchasing portal for U.S. governmental agency procurement. The official description of GSA Advantage refers to it as “the Federal Government’s premier online shopping superstore.”

As part of the placement on the GSA Schedule and GSA Advantage for federal procurement, DroneShield’s products have also been approved as qualifying for purchase through GSA Advantage by state and local governments.

This is an important step for the Company as it allows any U.S. federal agency and U.S. state and local government agencies, to buy DroneShield’s product seamlessly, from a pre-qualified catalogue of products, without going through a competitive and bespoke process.

DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik commented “United States federal, state and local governmental agencies are responding to the ever-increasing drone threats by taking proactive measures. The placement of DroneShield’s product suite, including its drone detection and drone mitigation products, on the GSA Schedule and in the GSA Advantage catalog now allows for instant and pre-approved procurement of the Company’s products by governmental employees with appropriate authority, at a click of a button.”



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