Military, Government And Researchers From Across The U.S. To Attend Counter-UAS

The Counter-UAS Summit will provide a forum for military leaders, program executive officers, industry executives, academics and researchers to focus on emerging and innovative C-UAS technologies, such as directed energy weapons and EW measures. It will also address technologies to detect and identify drones in the battlefield, and cities to prevent attacks on critical infrastructures and citizens.


The event will take place this August 22-24, at the Hilton Crystal City at Washington Reagan National Airport. Make sure to check out the most-up-to-date brochure, to find out who you will learn from and network with.


The chairman of the event, Rob Thompson the Cofounder of CUAS Coalition said: “I am pleased to be named chairman of such a profound event. This summit is of importance and timely given the current state of small consumer off the shelf drones being used as weapons. As with any event there is nothing like being face to face with the speakers and learn from them directly the various techniques, policies and tactics to protect your assets from harm. The current list of speakers is very impressive. This summit stands to be the first most comprehensive of its kind and will showcase the best of the industry in their presentations and panel discussions.”


This year’s agenda, developed through in-depth research by IDGA, and covers a range of topics including:

  • Military’s Counter-UAS acquisition goals
  • Countering drone swarms
  • Defending against autonomous UAS
  • C-UAS requirements
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Using APS to fight UAS
  • Soft kill and hard kill technologies
  • Use of UAS by terrorist groups
  • Military’s Counter-UAS requirements
  • Mounted C-UAS weapon systems

The CUAS speaker faculty includes:

  • Dr. Juanita Harris, Executive Director at U.S. Army Aviation and Missile ARDEC, US ARMY
  • Major Clifford Plowman, C-UAS Requirements Manager, The Joint Staff
  • Major Mikita Brown, Branch Chief for Technical Support & Senior Air Battle Manager Joint Deployable Analysis Team, The Joint Staff


To view the agenda or learn more about the speaking/sponsoring/attending Counter UAS, please visit


About IDGA:

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