Industrial SkyWorks Releases Latest BlueVu Software for Drone Inspections

Industrial SkyWorks is pleased to announce the official launch of BlueVu for digital inspections from drone-data.


As one of the most trusted names in the industry, Industrial SkyWorks offers cutting-edge drone inspection solutions. Industrial Skyworks’ new BlueVu software relieves engineers and drone pilots from examining thousands of images and provides clear, accurate, professional looking reports.


Drone inspection technology solutions provided by Industrial Skyworks enable businesses throughout North America and the Caribbean Islands to review their drone data and perform inspections from their desktops. These solutions allow users to carry out drone inspections safely and identify problems early, without spending a lot of time or money.


Some of the key capabilities of the new software from Industrial Skyworks include:

  • Fast and intelligent organizing and sorting of thousands of UAV images
  • Automatic professional looking report generation with inspection statistics, visual and vectorized inspection results
  • Project management function support
  • Efficient tracking and control of inspection workflows
  • Anomaly identification and measurement
  • Results Exportable into GIS and CAD formats


The Industrial Skyworks team includes highly qualified AI and Computer Vision experts, accomplished pilots, world-class UAV operators, and experienced business leaders, delivering a client-centered focus to all their projects.


Highlighting the benefits of the company’s just launched inspection software, Industrial Skyworks’ CEO Michael Cohen explained: “Today’s drone inspections tools allow users to visually detect a problem, but BlueVu allows for a greater understanding of the asset problems by enabling the User to measure at inspection grade accuracy, directly within 2D photographs. Now, knowing the location, size and severity of problems is possible!”


To find out more about Industrial Skyworks and its unparalleled drone inspection software solutions, please visit


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