ParaZero’s Drone Safety System Saves Costly Payload and Drone from Crash

Drone safety systems company Parazero Israel Ltd (ASX: PRZ), announced today that its drone safety system has successfully saved hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of payload mounted on a commercial drone that almost crashed a couple of weeks ago. The mission was executed by a commercial drone operator in the homeland security domain.

ParaZero’s drone safety system identified a critical failure in the flight and autonomously deployed a ballistic parachute during the customers’ operations. While the drone was in the air, ParaZero’s sensors continuously monitored the flight path, looking out for abnormalities. The safety system identified a critical failure and triggered the flight termination system, shutting down the powers to the rotors. In addition, the patented parachute launcher opened the chute to full canopy in a fraction of a second, bringing the drone and expensive payload safely to the ground and minimizing the impact energy.


Commenting on the above incident, ParaZero’s CEO, Eden Attias, said “Our drone safety system proved yet again that it can save the drone and the payload in real-life situations. We are happy we could assist our customer in safeguarding their costly equipment during their operations, resulting in continuous operations.”



ParaZero ( ) was founded in 2014 to accomplish a vision to enable the drone industry to realise its greatest potential. ParaZero offers a smart and intuitive solution to enable drone industry growth by designing, developing and providing best-in-class autonomous safety systems for commercial drones.

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