Envision Solar Announces UAV ARC Rapidly Deployed Drone Re-Charging Network

Envision Solar International, Inc., the leading renewably energized EV charging, outdoor media and energy security products company, announced that its new UAV ARC™ product is now patent pending and in advanced stage product development.

There is rapid growth in the use of drones by military and commercial enterprises ranging from intelligence gathering to package deliveries. Limited range and payload capacity are the two most significant barriers to adoption today. The UAV ARC™ is a rapidly deployed and highly scalable, range extending recharging network infrastructure solution. It does not require any fueling or connection to grid infrastructure because it generates and stores all of its own energy from renewable sources. UAV ARC™ is self-ballasted and leveling and does not require any planning or construction for its installation. UAV ARC™ has a hardened exterior and countermeasures designed to protect it from vandalism, theft or other nefarious activities. Each UAV ARC™ forms part of a broader network which fuels drones and gathers and shares information about their health and flight plans as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). UAV ARC™ units can be deployed on flat roofs in cities or on any terrain in remote locations. The marinized version can be deployed at sea to extend UAV missions in a maritime environment. The planned networks of UAV ARC™ units will be open to any operator of unmanned aerial vehicles as part of a subscription or individual usage plan.


“We have demonstrated our ability to bring renewably energized EV charging to business and government with our EV ARC and Solar Tree products,” said Envision Solar CEO, Desmond Wheatley. “Our new UAV ARC leverages much of the great technology we have developed for ground transportation and makes it available for drones in a way that, we believe, will change the way they are used. The networks we deploy will enable deliveries of consumer products, medicines, military payloads, information and life-saving technologies across broad regions without the requirement for human intervention or other modes of transport. We believe this new capability will revolutionize drone usage and communication.”


Goldman Sachs forecasts a $100B market for drones between now and 2020. The majority of the spending will come from the military in the short term, but the fastest growing area of the market is in the commercial sector. Companies such as Amazon, Alphabet, Intel, Qualcomm and Uber have announced plans to test and/or operate drones. Goldman Sachs forecasts that the $100B opportunity is just the tip of the iceberg.


Invented and manufactured in California, the UAV ARC™ generates and stores enough clean solar and wind-powered electricity, to deliver a meaningful, range-extending charge to multiple drones. Each UAV ARC™ will form part of a larger network which is connected across a wireless communications network and managed at network operations center (NOC). UAV ARC™ products will provide re-fueling for drones while also gathering information about their state of health which will be shared with the drone operator. Drones will be able to route plan across multiple UAV ARC™ units when extended ranges are required. Recharging will be enabled using inductive or wireless charging and will be available to any model of drone subscribing to the network. UAV ARC™ products will not require any on site construction or infrastructure. The networks will be rapidly deployed and highly expandable and scalable in any environment. UAV ARC™ products will be manufactured in the Company’s San Diego facility by our team of combat veterans, individuals with disabilities, and other minority demographics and highly talented, mission-driven team members.


About Envision Solar International, Inc.

Envision Solar, www.envisionsolar.com, is a sustainable technology innovation company who’s unique and patented products include the EV ARC™ and the Solar Tree® with EnvisionTrak™ patented solar tracking, SunCharge™ solar Electric Vehicle Charging, ARC™ technology energy storage, and EnvisionMedia solar advertising displays.

Based in San Diego, the company produces Made in America products. Envision Solar is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol [EVSI]. For more information visit www.envisionsolar.com.

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