DroneShields’ DroneGun Tactical Certified for Human Exposure

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce that its DroneGun TacticalTM product has been certified as compliant for human exposure, in connection with requests by potential governmental end-users, in relation to their procurement processes.

OneTech, a specialist SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) laboratory for global certifications, has certified DroneShield’s DroneGun TacticalTM as compliant with the ARPANSA EN 50566 and EN 50663 (Australian and New Zealand Communications and Media Authority requirements for human exposure to radio frequencies) within the specific frequency bands of operation which cross references to the international ICNIRcross-references

e certification was obtained in response to the DroneGun TacticalTM product advancing through procurement processes with a number of major defence and other government agencies internationally, for which this was a requirement requested by several agencies.

The certification follows DroneGun MKIITM safety for human exposure certification in December 2017, and DroneSentryTM airport compliance certification in May 2018.


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