Small UAV Coalition Member Fresh Air Educators Launches

The Small UAV Coalition is pleased to announce that Coalition member Fresh Air Educators has launched an online preparatory safety course for aspiring Part 107 pilots at

Since the Part 107 regulations have come into effect, there has been a growing demand for knowledge test preparation and resources across the industry as test takers have taken note of the relative difficulty of the in-person knowledge test, most notably for first-time or new unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operators looking to obtain a drone license.

“We’ve heard from operators of all kinds expressing the need for proper training resources to adequately prepare for the in-person test,” said Michael Drobac, executive director, Small UAV Coalition. “Fresh Air Educators has proven that their expertise in online education leads to better outcomes for learners of all types. The launch of this online course will result in UAS operators being better prepared and educated as the industry continues to see rapid expansion in the United States and abroad.”

With the launch of, UAS operators can now access the interactive, industry-leading online study guide provided by Fresh Air Educators.

The safety course is fully narrated, complete with video and animated competency exercises based on e-learning best practices while also covering all required standards and competencies for the in-person Part 107 knowledge test.

Over the past 20 years, Fresh Air Educators has helped train more than two million outdoor enthusiasts to boat, hunt and operate off-highway vehicles. “We’ve applied our proven training and certification process for UAV pilots at,” said Greg Gulliver, general manager, Fresh Air Educators. “Pilots can expect the same high pass rates, test scores and user ratings that our industry partners have come to expect from our courseware.”

The online safety course also offers a Practice Part 107 exam based on real FAA questions used during the in-person knowledge test.

“We share the core belief that our skies should be safe and that properly training our drone operators will ensure that both the pilots understand their capabilities and that consumers have confidence that pilots are certified, trained and properly tested,” added Kerry Moher, V.P. business development, Fresh Air Educators.

Safety and accountability across the UAS industry are critical to ensuring safe integration and unleashing the potential for increased and expanded commercial UAS operations. The Small UAV Coalition calls on the federal government to proactively establish education and training requirements for all UAS operators. Specifically, the Coalition supports online education and training programs to make these opportunities more easily accessible.


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