Citadel Defense’s CUAS Technology Selected for Elite U.S. Air Force Innovation Development Program

Citadel Defense’s drone threat mitigation technology received significant third-party affirmation of its unique and combat theater-tested approach to Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (C-UAV).

The San Diego-based firm was one of just 10 teams out of 180 original applicants to earn a coveted “Fusion Ticket” during the AFWERX Fusion Xperience in Las Vegas last week. This recognition, awarded by an esteemed panel of military security experts, will enable Citadel to receive sought-after U.S. Air Force coaching, funding and facility access to further develop and deploy its solutions.


The Citadel proprietary system is effective at identifying and classifying an approaching UAV and selectively applying successive digital countermeasures to induce the UAV to land or return to its home base. It was the only counter-drone solution selected by the judges.


The inaugural AFWERX Fusion Xperience event brought together top innovators from around the country to showcase an array of forward-thinking solutions and technologies designed to address complex perimeter security challenges for mobile, fixed and temporary locations. Throughout the two-day event, Citadel and 60 firms were selected to showcase their technologies. Citadel’s proven, multilayer, in-depth approach was the only drone mitigation technology selected by the judges as promising enough to gain additional funding access and testing support from the U.S. Air Force.


“We’ve been proud to experience early success deploying our ground-based systems to help U.S. soldiers in the field. With continued innovation, we’re confident we can meet the challenge of integrating with the platforms of the U.S. Air Force to provide safety against the emerging threat of hostile UAVs and look forward to increased collaborations and support,” said Daniel Magy, CEO and Founder of Citadel Defense.


Citadel continues to develop and refine its proven solution to meet the immediate and emerging security needs of the military – including current Department of Defense customers –as well as potential future commercial applications.



Citadel Defense is a counter-drone technology company specializing in the development and deployment of drone mitigation for both military and commercial applications.

Citadel provides a comprehensive, automated, low-cost machine learning system that passively and autonomously detects and prevents small/tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (s-UAV) from entering a protected space.

Citadel has a half dozen current military and government clients, including the United States Department of Defense, the Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental (DIUX) and the Special Operations Communities. Citadel has already successfully deployed several systems to active combat zones.

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