Uplift Data Partners Leverages Night Waiver to Launch Proprietary Night Ops Training

Uplift Data Partners announced today it will launch a Night Ops training module in July 2018 in collaboration with Aerovista Drone Academy, a first-of-its-kind online resource that provides its network of highly-trained pilots extensive knowledge for night flight operations. The company is among the first ten percent of companies approved by the FAA to fly drones at night, exemplifying its commitment to building assets and spending resources to continually improve and expand the knowledge base and expertise of its pilot portfolio.

In order to operate under the company’s waiver, pilots in the network must take a 90 minute, self-directed training course. Unlike other night ops courses, the curriculum extends further than the minimum FAA regulation standards and explains Uplift Data Partners’ requisite training standards in a digestible, actionable manner. Pilots will find the night ops training useful in varying scenarios, including detecting temperature disparities with infrared thermal cameras on roof inspections, investigating night skyline views of potential new buildings, and the ability to conduct additional construction inspections.  The training program explains in detail various topics, including the anatomy and functions of the eye, parameters of night missions and explains the additional safety precautions that pilots must adhere to in order to be a certified Uplift Data Partners’ night ops pilot. Upon completing the module and passing an online exam, pilots are then authorized to operate under Uplift Data Partners’ night waiver.

“At Uplift Data Partners, it is our mission to invest in education and resources that set our pilot network above the rest, which is why we are proud to launch the Night Ops training module,” said Suzanne El-Moursi, President of Uplift Data Partners. “As a commercial drone provider, it is imperative that we are providing services to our customers that exceeds their expectations, including supplying pilots that are highly-trained in night operations.  Aerovista Drone Academy has an outstanding reputation for providing world class air support innovative tools, training and sustainable programs and our shared vision enables us to create this proprietary module.  We invite skilled, commercial drone pilots with a strong track record in flying drone missions pilots all across the country to join us as we continue to be a catalyst of innovation in the AEC and broadcast industries.”

After the FAA announced its stance on unmanned aerial systems under Part 107 in 2016, Uplift Data Partners immediately took action, applying and earning a night waiver for its pilots all across the country to leverage. Next, the company set out to craft an asset that not only allowed pilots to operate night missions but provides an education opportunity where operators truly become a master of the craft, reducing the margin of error and producing an overall superb product. Seeking a partner with a shared vision, Uplift Data Partners enlisted Aerovista Drone Academy, a company formed in 2016 after recognizing a need to provide public agencies and corporations with thorough training and education opportunities. After more than ten months of collaboration and testing, the company held a soft launch to a limited number of pilots and improved the module based on their vital feedback. The final result is an extensive and informative online tool that will certify more than 150 pilots in the Uplift Data Partners network.

“The Uplift Pilot Training and Certification Program sets the industry standard and exemplifies our mutual commitment to excellence in flight safety, proficiency and expertise operating in drone services,” said Brendan Stewart, President of Aerovista Drone Academy. “Aerovista Drone Academy partnered with Uplift Data Partners to develop its Night Ops Training to further reinforce this commitment and to expand the service offerings where night flight operations are demanded.”

For more information, please visit www.upliftdatapartners.com and www.aerovistadroneacademy.com.

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