DJI Partners With South Korean Telecom for Drone-Based Video Streaming

South Korean telecom service provider SK Telecom on 11 June announced it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China-based DJI to develop drone-based video streaming products and solutions using mobile communications network.


Under the partnership, SK Telecom would provide high-performance live video streaming encoder, mobile application and server software solution using its live video streaming technology called “T live caster”.


“In future, SK Telecom’s video reception and control server solution ‘T live studio’ could be integrated with DJI’s drone operations management solution ‘FlightHub’ to help enterprises efficiently manage their drone operations in the field,” SK Telecom said in a statement.


The solution would enable live streaming of high definition (HD) footage on DJI drones with minimal latency via mobile communications network.


The combined technology is expected to expand the usage of drones across industries including agriculture, logistics, exploration, public safety and the media and entertainment sector which includes TV broadcasting, YouTube and “Facebook Live”.


The video transmission app would run on 5G smartphones and tablets, rendering seamless streaming of ultra-high definition (4K or 8K) drone videos possible.

The new solution would be first deployed in South Korea, the US, Japan and would gradually expand to countries across the world, the company added.

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