The Latest Cover Of ‘Time’ Is Composed Of 958 Intel Drones

Intel® Shooting Star® drones helped create their first magazine cover as part of the upcoming TIME drone special issue. The issue is the first TIME cover photo shot by a drone and featured an Intel drone light show. In early May, Intel’s drone team worked with TIME magazine to replicate a massive, iconic TIME masthead and red border in the Folsom, California, sky with nearly 1,000 Intel Shooting Star drones.


The magazine, available June 1, also includes an article contributed by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, highlighting the innovation, transformation and new perspectives drones bring to our lives. It also features an article showcasing Intel’s work with Parley for the Oceans* on Parley SnotBot. Read more from the TIME drone special issue on the TIME website and watch the video below to see how the cover was made.



Highlights of this historic cover include:

  • 958 Intel Shooting Star Drones took flight in Folsom, CA, lighting up the nighttime sky with a custom drone-powered light show that formed the TIME logo and magazine boarder
  • This is the first cover in TIME’s 95-year history that was shot via a drone camera (an Astraeus Aerial drone)
  • The team had a flight ceiling of 400 feet to safely operate within, and an animation measuring 328 feet (100 meters)
  • Since the animation was so tightly formed to create this advanced illustration for editorial use, there was no room for error
  • Avoiding collisions while in-flight, gusts of wind and other elements were a concern for the light show team

This is also the first TIME cover to feature an image made by a drone. It was captured by a specialized drone used for commercial and film cinematography that recorded the light show from start to finish.

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