InfraDrone Announces Release of App for Drone Pilot Jobs

InfraDrone LLC announced today the release of their new App, available on both Android and iPhone App stores and via the web.


The App allows pilots to:

  • Register for potential paid drone pilot jobs
  • Register with no cost or obligation
  • Receive notice of paid drone jobs available in their area
  • Respond with price quotes
  • View restricted air space maps, weather and other information
  • Receive payment


“We already have a significant number of pilots registered and are looking to fill out the rest of the country,” said Kevin Prendergast, President.  “We are attracting national clients who want to use the pilot network to fly jobs for them,” he added.


Professional drone pilots are in demand as interest in drones is skyrocketing.  All pilots registered on the network must be licensed and insured, and will have the opportunity to post the type of cameras and scanners they are carrying.  Jobs will be matched to the type of equipment required by each client, ranging from simple photo/video to HD, Thermography and even LiDAR.


“We have already posted locations for paid flights and will be posting more over the coming weeks and months,” according to Akash Vidyadharan, CTO. “This is a perfect opportunity for drone pilots, whether professional or serious hobbyists, to fly paid jobs and earn money while enjoying their hobby.”


Pilot Registration
Pilots are encouraged to sign up today (no cost or obligation) to be ready for jobs at:





Post a Job
For anyone interested in hiring a drone pilot, jobs can also be posted directly on the App, ranging from inspections, land surveys and insurance documentation to weddings, family reunions and sports events.


Clients looking to hire a drone pilot can use the App to post jobs by simply downloading the App and following the simple instructions to post a job.  Pilots in the area will be automatically notified and clients will be able to communicate directly with the pilot.  All jobs assigned and completed using the App will be covered by insurance.

For more information visit

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