King Online Drone Course Customers Can Now Study When Offline Too

AUVSI Conference, Denver CO. – Aspiring Drone Pilots now have a convenient way to continue their studies even when they are offline by using the free KING Companion App for iPad or iPhone together with King Schools’ Online Drone Pilot License Test Prep Course. The app allows drone pilots who are preparing for the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test to download their lessons, including all text, graphics, videos and post lesson quizzes, and take them when offline. When back online, course progress is automatically synchronized with King’s servers and available from any other device.


“The many benefits of online courses include the ability to log on from any connected device or browser and continue your studies right where you left off. The only disappointment has come from folks wanting to still study when they were not online. That last problem is solved with the KING Companion.” commented Barry Knuttila, King’s CEO.


“Folks taking the Drone Test Prep Course are often juggling many responsibilities while they are preparing for their test,” added Martha King, Co-Chairman of King Schools. “Our strategy is to ensure that, given 10-15 minutes, they can make real progress by completing a full lesson. Now they can make that progress even when not connected to the Internet.” she concluded.


“The King course and the app are designed to help people pass their drone license test. But there is more. It also gives them the tools they need to safely integrate into the National Airspace System, and stay out of trouble with the FAA as well as local authorities. Since it was released in January of 2017, over three thousand drone operators have passed the test using our course,” said John King, Co-Chairman of King Schools.


The free app is available by searching “King Companion” in the Apple App store. The Drone Pilot Test Prep course sells for $129 on

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