Digital Global Systems to Showcase CUAS At NCS4 UAV Innovation and Technology Forum

Digital Global Systems (DGS) will participate as a sponsor at NCS4 UAV Innovation and Technology Forum to be held at The University of Southern Mississippi on May 15 and 16, 2018. Attended by senior stadium security directors, law enforcement personnel, emergency managers, and athletic administrators, the UAV Innovation and Technology Forum will explore how UAV technology can influence safety and security operations based on current and impending threats.


DGS will demonstrate its CLEARSKY™ Stadium RF management & Counter UAV (C-UAV) solution which provides long-range drone detection and protection, as well as RF situational awareness.


“Stadiums and event venues are increasingly taking an in depth approach to security,” said Pat Rudolph, vice president of Critical Asset Protection at DGS. “By combining our long-range UAV detection and defense solution with our ability to locate anomalous RF signals, DGS provides an advanced UAV threat management solution plus the ability to identify interference, wireless jamming, eavesdropping, and unauthorized communications that impede stadium operations and safety. Additionally, our patented technology aids frequency coordinators by locating open channels for first responders in the event of an emergency.”


“UAVs are becoming increasingly more popular and capable, and therefore more of a concern for stadium security personnel and law enforcement,” said NCS4 director Lou Marciani. “Our intent with the UAV Innovation and Technology Forum is to show both the benefits and threats that UAVs can provide. Demonstrations by counter-UAV vendors like DGS gives our attendees the chance to see first-hand how drone threats can be mitigated.”


About DGS

Digital Global Systems, headquartered in Washington DC, delivers advanced situational awareness solutions for the Critical Asset Protection market globally. DGS has been awarded over 30 patents for its advanced monitoring and management technology delivering solutions for the Defense, Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities and Telecoms markets around the world.

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