LiquidPiston to Showcase Next-Generation Rotary Engine to Power UAV’s at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

LiquidPiston Inc., an advanced internal combustion engine technology company, will be showcasing its ‘X’ engine, which can enable greater than 50 percent increases in UAV flight endurance, at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 in Denver from April 30 through May 3. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) XPONENTIAL trade show will bring together more than 8,500 unmanned systems industry leaders and forward-thinking users from the defense and commercial sectors to learn the latest on public policy, business solutions and technology applications.

LiquidPiston’s technology includes an optimized thermodynamic cycle and a new rotary engine architecture. This architecture involves only two primary moving parts, a shaft and a rotor, and corrects the major performance, sealing, and lubrication weaknesses of previous rotary engines such as the Wankel. The ‘X’ engine is fuel-efficient, enabling greater than 50 percent increases in flight endurance. Furthermore, the architecture significantly reduces engine vibration, noise, and heat output, which minimizes engine impact on ISR equipment and UAV heat, noise and EMI signatures. The lightweight rotary ‘X’ engine is capable of achieving compression ignition in a single stage at a weight of just 1/10th of typical diesel-fueled piston engines.

The company has developed a range of advanced internal combustion engine prototypes, initially focusing on small engines from 3HP – 40HP. Its multi-fuel 3-5HP 70cc X-Mini is a fit for most Group 2 UAVs, while its larger 40HP 750cc X4 engine is a fit for Group 3 UAVs. All of LiquidPiston’s engines provide power-to-weight and fuel efficiency advantages that enable improved payload capabilities and increased mission flight duration.

“After taking home the top prize at AUVSI’s NOVUS Unmanned competition last November, we’re thrilled to be attending and showcasing the ‘X’ engine at XPONENTIAL 2018,” said Dr. Alexander Shkolnik, co-founder and CEO of LiquidPiston. “As the UAV space grows into a $50B-plus market by the mid-2020’s, we believe LiquidPiston’s technology will help UAV manufacturers and operators reimagine unmanned flight possibilities.”

For more information on AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 and to follow developments from the show floor live, visit LiquidPiston will be showcasing its engines at Booth 3135B.

About LiquidPiston
LiquidPiston, headquartered in Bloomfield, Conn., is revolutionizing next-generation engine development. The company develops and licenses compact & efficient power solutions based on an optimized thermodynamic cycle and a new type of rotary engine architecture. LiquidPiston’s patented high-efficiency cycle is the biggest leap forward in combustion engine technology over the last 85 years.

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