Elistair Announces Its Ligh-T Version 3, The Next Generation Of Compact Tethered Drone Stations

Elistair has announced the launch of its Ligh-T V.3, the next-generation of compact tethered drone stations at XPONENTIAL 2018, one of the major international trade shows dedicated to drones and industrial robotics (April 30th – May 3 rd).

Expanding its line of tethering stations for drones and continuing to build upon the success of the Ligh-T V.2
and Safe-T products, the company is proud to present Ligh-T V.3. Compatible with over 20 of the most popular
commercially available drones, including DJI M200, M210 and Inspire 2; it offers a weather-proof capability,
secure datalink up to 200Mb/s and built-in Wi-Fi which allows connection to Elistair’s smart monitoring
application: T-Monitor.

Elistair is at the forefront of tethered drone operations, with over 10 000 hours of operational flight time across
its line of products. In its Ligh-T V.3, this rapidly growing company has continued to push the boundaries of
technology and has designed a tethered drone station for operators who demand flexibility, robustness and

Able to endure challenging weather conditions, it is extremely compact and robust and designed for the most
demanding of operating conditions. It is easily transportable, quick to deploy and provides continuous power
for extended drone operations. Ligh-T V.3 sets a new standard of quality and capability in the tethered drone

Streamlined station for streamlined operations

Weighing less than 12 kg and with a refined and simple design, Ligh-T V.3 is the tethering station of choice for
mobile drone operations. It can be carried by hand or in a backpack in order to ensure the operational
readiness of the user or it can be easily stored inside a vehicle. This new tethering station is perfectly designed
to be plug and play. Easily deployable, it is quick to set up making it especially suitable for first responders in
emergency situations. The Ligh-T V.3 has a user-friendly interface and can be operated by one person, without
any specialized training.

Designed to endure and function in the most demanding of conditions, Ligh-T V.3 is IP65 compliant. This model can be deployed in a variety of challenging environments. The operator can be confident that the system will operate in whatever various temperatures or weather they find themselves in.

This updated tethered station has been designed to accommodate the needs of Police Forces, Firefighters, Broadcasting Companies, Security Firms, Industrialists and Urban Engineering firms. It provides persistent aerial observation capacity for critical incidents, industrial inspections in restricted areas, crisis management,
infrastructure protection, continuous live event broadcasting and traffic monitoring. Ruggedized, mobile and easy to deploy, it is also a perfect solution for large outdoor events where both security and persistence are required.

The Ligh-T V.3 micro-tether has been extended to 60-meters/200ft, it is Kevlar® reinforced, weighs only
630g/21 oz. and has a maximum power demand of 2500W. The compact air module, safety battery integration
kit and waterproof ground station complete the system.

For more information visit elistair.com

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