UAV Experts to Launch Aerial Infrared Training Program

While already offering one of the most extensive and sought after UAV Flight Training Programs in the U.S., UAV Experts is once again breaking ground with the launch of a new Certified Aerial Thermographer Program. Produced and taught through an exclusive partnership with world infrared leader Monroe Infrared, this new program is designed to complement UAV Expert’s current UAV flight training activities. It will offer participants an in-depth, yet cost-effective, two-day program to instruct both corporations and individuals on the science and specifics of infrared aerial photography utilizing UAVs.

Cliff Whitney, CEO of UAV Experts, remarked, “UAV Experts is considered a sole-source, full-circle supplier, meaning we supply factory-direct UAV equipment, fleet management, flight training and FAA Part 107 test preparation. We have been flying infrared for a long time and are excited about launching this new training program headed by Monroe’s Vice President and Level III Certified Thermographer Bill Fabian. The new Aerial Infrared Program adds to our other extensive training programs. No other company offers all five of our specialties nor has any been in the unmanned business as long as we have (since 1978).”

The intensive two-day program is ideal for current UAV pilots wanting to expand into the infrared inspection and detection arena, as well as for non-UAV pilots wanting to become pilots and expand their current businesses.

The certified Aerial Thermographer Program covers many areas with topics including the science of infrared, camera lens and resolution considerations. Various applications including commercial and residential building inspections, power lines, solar farms, roof leaks, walls and windows, temperature measurements and radiometric data interpretation will also be covered. UAV-centric topics comprised of actual hands-on time with the latest UAV flight equipment as well as details, guidance and specifics regarding the FAA Part 107 regulations are also included so students can perform commercial aerial flight and infrared inspections legally and safely.

Bill Fabian, Monroe’s instructor, commented, “I have seen and heard from so many people and businesses that invest in infrared technology but just don’t know how to properly use the equipment or understand how to interpret the image data incorrectly for their clients. Our new partnership with UAV Experts puts the right people and skill sets together for a winning education for our students.”

Take two days and learn from the absolute industry leaders in UAV Flight and Infrared data interpretation and become a certified Aerial Thermographer. Classes are limited to 12 students, providing a better learning experience with more hands-on time.

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About UAV Experts:

UAV Experts is the professional division of long-established Atlanta Hobby, powered by their decades of experience and legendary customer service. They are a full-circle provider, and the nation’s leading supplier of unmanned aerial systems and equipment for commercial, agricultural, governmental and industrial applications. UAV Experts provides integrated UAV solutions for all applications, including in-house design and manufacture, sales, training and tech support of UAVs and payload systems. In addition, they operate the UAV Ground School training program for drone operators and UAV Expert News, the leading news source for the drone industry.

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