Rocketmine Is First UAS Operator In Africa To Obtain Both BCV and BARS Certifications

Rocketmine, a South African based subsidiary of the Delta Drone Group, has become the first drone operator in Africa to obtain both Basic Compliance Verification (BCV) and Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS) certifications, after almost a year of intense auditing through independent consultants.

This achievement speaks directly to the excellent safety and compliance culture in which the company operates. Rocketmine’s own Safety and Quality departments, in conjunction with highly qualified pilots and operational staff, drew on daily safety experience and practice to complete these rigorous audits.

“This is a huge endorsement for the Rocketmine brand; particularly for our Safety and Quality departments, who manage our strict and extensive safety structures,” explains Christopher Clark, Rocketmine’s Managing Director.  “It is independent verification that our safety and compliance standards remain at the highest levels possible.”

The BARS Standard was developed by the Flight Safety Foundation to meet an identified need for common global aviation safety assessments and audit protocol. It is completely independent and quality controlled; the first of its kind in the resource industry and is drawn from the collective experience of numerous companies as well as industry best practice.

Both the Rocketmine BARS and BCV audits were completed by SGS Aviation Compliance – an international, independent aviation consultancy – using dedicated standards for RPAS Operators. Within these standards, the company was specifically assessed within its own specialist role as a drone survey operator.

The remote and onsite assessments included examination of Organisational and Management Structure and supporting documents, Operational approvals, exemptions and privileges and supporting documents, presence of a Safety Management System, Quality Risk Management frameworks and systems and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) fleet details, as well as supporting documentation of RPA Pilots and crew and Civil Aviation Authority permission approvals.

The process is stringent, thorough and detailed. It also requires dedicated resources to prepare and deliver the correct documentation, as well as existing safety systems against which compliance is measured. The Rocketmine team devoted just over 11 months to this project; demonstrating that all areas of the audit were fully satisfied. Once achieved the audits are conducted on an annual basis to ensure continued compliance.

This achievement once again demonstrates that Rocketmine continues to be industry leaders in safety, compliance and operational standards. “Being the first drone operator in Africa to obtain both the BCV and BARS certifications is one more thing that sets us apart of the rest.” – Chris Clark

About Rocketmine: Rocketmine is Africa’s leading premier drone data service provider. Fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to provide professional and cost-effective services; while focusing on delivering, safe, reliable, and accurate data to clients. Rocketmine provides customized drone data solutions to improve operational efficiencies and systems. Clients trust Rocketmine’s experience and expertise with over 7 500+ flight hours in multiple sectors and owning the largest fleet in Africa.


Rocketmine is a Delta Drone company.

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