3W-International GmbH Is Expanding Sales Structures

Increasing demand for 2-stroke engines has prompted Hessian company 3W-International to expand its sales structure. But it’s not just about the expansion of pure sales structures; it’s also about expanding project management capacities.


“We’re experiencing increasing demand for propulsion solutions. It involves not the sale of an engine off the shelf here, but customer-specific solutions tuned to the respective application goals. For this support, we need experienced project managers with a strong sale orientation”, explains Karsten Schudt, managing partner at 3W-International GmbH. That’s why George Bouvier was engaged as sales and project manager.


Bouvier is a technically versed, deeply experienced project manager who, in the last thirty years, has implemented complex production projects in the international electronics industry. “No two electronic products are alike. Given that, we have here a strong parallel to the drive units for unmanned systems, which will have to be tuned much more heavily to the applications, flight parameters, and areas of use”, according to Schudt


For one thing, Bouvier will support the francophone market as well as selected international projects. “I look forward to the new assignment in one of the global markets of the future”


With more than 35 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing 2-stroke engines, 3W-International GmbH has developed and patented the newest generation of Heavy Fuel (HF) engines for the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry.


The quality of 3W engines stems from several factors. Technical expertise, long-term experience, tradition, and state-of-the-art production are the reasons for one of the highest qualities in the industry. 3W is opposed to manufacturing abroad, so customers can be sure every engine is of German quality.


From R&D, prototyping, purchasing, manufacturing, and calibration to in-time delivery, 3W guarantees constant and permanent quality control. Every manufacturing step is traceable. Employees are personally responsible for the fulfillment of 3W quality standards. Component suppliers and partners share these standards and guarantee these quality requirements.


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