Hangar Technology launches New Program Hangar OnDemand for Communities

Hangar Technology, Inc., the world’s first robotics-as-a-system software company to bring scalable 4D visual insights to industry, today announced the launch of Hangar OnDemand for Communities, a new program designed to give nonprofits a system to request and view aerial imagery on-demand, while fostering enthusiasm within the volunteer drone community to contribute content.


“Drones are a transformative tool for repeated measures and the capture of time-series data, whether that is for scientific research, infrastructure inspection, or disaster recovery,” says Dr. Greg Crutsinger, Founder of Scholar Farms. “The Hangar app makes this repeated process seamless through simple flight plans, flexible scheduling for pilots, and rapid capture. The 360 results are both intuitive for scene awareness and informative to take action.”


Hangar OnDemand for Communities support nonprofits worldwide by providing an open, end-to-end platform that is easy to engage volunteers who own DJI drones to become contributors to nonprofit communities. The ability to easily define desired imagery to be planned and executed autonomously delivers a hands-off method to crowdsource aerial insights.

Nonprofits including Trust for Public Lands, UC-Berkley Nature Reserve, Scholar Farms, and emergency agencies like NOAA, are just a few early adopters of Hangar OnDemand for Communities programs.


Hangar OnDemand for Communities actually delivers on the promise of drones to provide new levels of speed, agility, perspective and awareness to nonprofits in their missions to save lives, support conservation, measure change or validate a cause. Until now, there has never been a platform that connects drone operators to nonprofit organizations, automating the delivery of valuable drone data and making drone deployment feasible at scale.


“Despite a willingness of drone volunteers to contribute to nonprofit organizations, the financial and resource investment required to build and maintain a drone program remains prohibitive,” says Jeff DeCoux, Founder and CEO of Hangar. “This platform gives nonprofits a technological advantage, delivering critical automation and infrastructure to any nonprofit hoping to gain a new degree of situational awareness through a low-effort and sustainable drone program.”

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