ComQuest Ventures and UAVenture Partner to Bring Integrated Solutions for Hybrid VTOL UAS Developers

UAVenture and ComQuest Ventures (CQV) are partnering to offer integrated UAS development, flight control and simulation solutions for UAV developers in the rapidly expanding market of hybrid VTOL UAS.



Developing hybrid VTOL UAS airframes and flight control systems poses unique engineering challenges. Airframes must be highly optimized to benefit from their VTOL capabilities, and often require customized flight control software which must be carefully tested for adequate stability and control. UAVenture and CQV are combining their expertise and technologies to provide UAV makers and suppliers solutions that simplify this process and provides an agile approach to the creation and use of VTOL systems.

tablet_angled_plan_v2UAVenture’s AirRails product is a modern flight control system tailored for hybrid VTOL aircraft. CQV offers Typhon UDX, the first integrated UAV design and simulation software that enables UAV developers to adopt an agile process in the design of any VTOL airframe configuration including quadplanes (SLT), tiltrotors and tailsitters. The AirRails interface within Typhon UDX allows developers to simulate and design their airframes in conjunction with the actual flight control code and the AirRails Ground Control Station (GCS).

Both companies are also offering a standalone simulator software for UAV end-users. This allows UAV manufacturers and suppliers to provide their customers with a full flight simulation package which realistically captures the performance, looks, and operation of their systems.

CQV and UAVenture are able to work closely with their clients to customize their technologies based on specific requirements, and to offer their combined expertise in VTOL flight control systems and airframes to interested parties.

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