Yates Electrospace Corporation Expands Drone Delivery Business with Fundamental Patent Award

Yates Electrospace Corporation (YEC) today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 9,868,526 entitled “Airborne Drone Delivery Network and Method of Operating Same,” the company’s eighth issued utility patent since entering the aerospace & defense sector in 2012.

The patent supports YEC’s proprietary Silent Arrow® ER-700 (Electric, Reusable, 700 lbs. payload) cargo delivery drone product line that allows persistent operations from improvised airstrips as well as via airdrop from a variety of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

In January, YEC announced receipt of a closely-related US Government contract award to build and fly ten of its tandem-wing Silent Arrow® GD-700 (Glider, Disposable, 700 lbs. payload) cargo delivery drones, each of which carries up to 700 pounds of life-saving supplies, medicine and equipment to those in need anywhere on earth.  Silent Arrow® is thought to be the world’s most efficient standoff delivery platform in cost per pound of payload.

“This seminal patent extends our single-use cargo business into the electric-powered, multi-mission space where we were early thought leaders,” said YEC Founder & CEO Chip Yates.  “Our R&D group invented the technology and filed this patent four years ago, before drone delivery was the hot topic it is today, which underscores our long-standing excitement and vision for an electric, connected future.”

YEC is represented by Dentons US LLP for patent prosecution and by Robins Kaplan LLP for IP licensing, sale and enforcement.

About Yates Electrospace Corporation (YEC)

Founded in 2012 by electric aviation pioneer Chip Yates, YEC designs, builds and test flies the world’s highest performing electric aircraft, develops and constructs megawatt-class electric propulsion systems, and successfully executes government contracts including electric vehicles and unmanned delivery aircraft in the >1,000-pound (DOD Group 3 UAS) class. We are distinguished by our proprietary Silent Arrow® product line of autonomous, heavy-payload, low-cost cargo delivery aircraft with variants ranging from reusable electric propulsion models, to single-use glider versions for resupply, drone delivery and disaster relief. Our engineering team has been awarded two FAI Louis Bleriot Medals, 6 FAI World Records for pioneering feats in electric aviation and were the first in history to break the 200MPH mark in an electric airplane.


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