Sensofusion Ramping Up Manufacturing of AIRFENCE 5.0 in 2018

The global anti-drone market is growing at a breakneck pace. What is currently around a $400 million market in the U.S. alone, is anticipated to reach nearly $2 billion just over five years from now.


Pioneering drone defense company Sensofusion, manufacturer of AIRFENCE — a UAS countermeasure technology used by militaries, police, airports, as well as a variety of companies within the private sector — is witnessing the boom of this new industry first-hand. With a recent influx of production orders, they are now taking the necessary steps to prepare for a surging year with high expectations.


“Based on our current customers, we have strong reason to believe Sensofusion has the largest network of active counter-UAS sites across the globe,” said Sensofusion Vice President Kaveh Mahdavi. “This is particularly interesting because not only does it demonstrate healthy growth, but we’re learning a lot in the process. At its’ core, AIRFENCE is always improving, but how we improve the customer experience depends a lot on direct feedback from the customer using the technology in their day to day. With a rapidly growing user base in a variety of industries, including military, private security, and protecting government assets such as utility centers, we’ve been able to focus on the right adjustments that yield the biggest improvements for our end customers.”


Sensofusion is uniquely positioned in the marketplace: It is an international company with headquarters in Finland and an office in the U.S., positioning it to reach the European, Middle Eastern, and U.S. markets. It is a pioneer in counter-UAS technology, creating one of the most innovative RF detection systems used in defending against rogue UASs. And, despite their competitors, it is a fully self-funded drone defense company, owned and operated by its founding partners.


“In order to meet the demand from the influx of orders, which came in at the beginning of 2018 for our latest version, AIRFENCE 5.0, we’ve had to double the size of our manufacturing capacity,” added Mahdavi. “Overall, we have high expectations, and after a record high in revenue for 2017, we are forecasting 5x growth in revenue for 2018 as the industry matures. We’ve already hit our Q1 target, and there’s still time in the quarter to bring in a few extra deals.”


In November, the company unveiled its newest defense technology with AIRFENCE 5.0, a platform with:

  • New directional finding: With AIRFENCE 5.0, Sensofusion has developed the next evolution in detection and tracking
  • Improved back-end detection pipeline allows for faster, more accurate detections
  • Customer antennas enabling for longer-distance jamming capabilities, while minimizing RF fingerprint (which is of particular interest to their military customers)
  • IP67 ruggedization
  • Compact out-of-the box setup and installation
  • Updated User Interface


In addition, AIRFENCE technology is currently in place to patrol various urban environments, specifically by law enforcement in protecting crowded public events and government VIPs, including presidents and prime ministers of foreign governments. AIRFENCE is also being used at active sites including; international airports, military bases, high profile government buildings and recently, utility sites including oil and gas. Additionally, AIRFENCE secures prisons from individuals who want to smuggle contraband and is being deployed for various military applications in battlefield environments overseas.


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