QuestUAV Unveils Fixed Wing Drone Rental Service to Europe and USA Business

QuestUAV have been hiring drone systems and sensors to a UK only market since 2013.  However, for selected customers, it is now expanding its rentals to include Europe and the United States.  QuestUAV is offering Drone Rental from just £23 per day*.


QuestUAV are market leaders in the drone industry.  With a 10-year legacy and a vast drone knowledge, they are aware of the capabilities of drones, whether it be fixed wing or multirotor.  Many projects require a longer endurance and of a larger area coverage so QuestUAVs Datahawk packages are designed to be more efficient for Surveyors and Mappers. They can now be rented in Europe and the United States from our distribution center in the UK.


Director Nigel King said ‘We have been doing this for years, we know how to overcome most of the problems and pitfalls of drone hire.  There are many challenges to overcome in the rental supply chain so the message is … choose your rental company carefully!’


Some Basic QuestUAV Rental Points:

  • Fixed Wing drone hire now available throughout Europe and the USA
  • Rental service with a larger range of models including PPK
  • Complete Systems available with Support, repair and replacement options
  • QuestUAV can progress UK PFCO multirotor users to become qualified fixed-wing users within a day


With weekly, monthly or yearly hire available for fixed wing, the cost and potential of conducting a larger survey has just become more manageable.  They also offer lease-purchase on some models.


When renting what they require of a customer is simply to look after the drone system, do what training is necessary, operate it safely and legally, and return it in good condition.  In the event of damage or accident they have rapid repair facilities or replacement drone options.


QuestUAV also offer a ‘Fully Certified Drone Operation Team’ to assist in your aerial survey without the hassle, training, certification and insurance.


QuestUAV is the longest running fixed wing manufacturer based in the UK.  They Design, Build and Fly small fixed wing unmanned aircraft (sUAV) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance.  Their network of clients spans across 6 continents and contains strong links with World-Leading Universities and Research institutions.


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