Small Footprint Awarded Contract to Build Autonomous Flight Management Software

Winston-Salem based software developer Small Footprint has been awarded a research and development contract with Melbourne Florida based Aeronyde Corporation to build autonomous flight management software as part of key technology for unmanned and robotic aerial vehicles.


Under this contract, Small Footprint will initially design and develop proof-of-concept flight management capabilities for Aeronyde Corporation’s commercial drones. Aeronyde intends to introduce a multi-use UAV platform for Emergency Response and Utility Inspection sectors. Their full-service provider business model will allow customers to access on-demand UAV data collection services without the need to own or operate the equipment. Initial capabilities of the System of Systems (SoS) include route planning, autonomous navigation and sector-specific mission execution. The companies plan to complete and demo these capabilities to partner municipalities and government agencies later this year. Additionally, Small Footprint and Aeronyde will focus on collecting flight data, with data capture, exchange and analytics becoming another core in-house capability.


Aeronyde Corp, a privately funded start-up in the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) sector, sought out Small Footprint for this project due to the company’s extensive agile development experience and its fast, iterative approach to prototyping. “Systems developers and integrators must collaborate and pursue global standards harmonization. UAVs have the potential to revolutionize data collection, infrastructure maintenance and logistics, but not until airspace is properly shared and managed to enable low-altitude Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operations,” says Alexander Bilous, CTO of Aeronyde. Parallel with NASA’s UTM research initiative to be completed in 2020, Aeronyde and Small Footprint are focused on addressing the barriers of UAV integration into manned-airspace. The commercial UAV sector is still in its infancy, although the pace of technology adoption has been increasing with $120BB in revenue projected by 2020 (PwC Technology Forecast).


“The commercial UAS market is in its infancy but poised for tremendous growth and value creation,” said Richard Starets, CEO of Small Footprint. “Aeronyde has a compelling vision of the future and we are very excited about this partnership.”


About Small Footprint: Founded in 2003, Small Footprint is a software innovation company. We combine digital transformation and strategy with a collaborative peer-coaching approach to agile implementation that helps our clients build great software and ignite a culture of innovation. For more information, visit our website at


About Aeronyde Corporation

 Aeronyde Corporation is an Autonomous Aerial Systems (AAS) company that is currently building the safest and most reliable unmanned traffic management (UTM) system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Based on Florida’s Space Coast, Aeronyde aims to deliver a turnkey UAV service for emergency responders and disaster relief. The firm has achieved rapid growth by means of private foreign investment and collaboration between major industry stakeholders, including: Regulators, Academic institutions, UAS industry leaders, and, most importantly, the general public. Adoption of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) platforms depends wholeheartedly on the public’s acceptance of the technology. Aeronyde’s UTM system pairs with their platform for intelligent UAVs to bring order to the chaos and ensure public safety is addressed prior to the Commercial UAS industry boom. In collaboration with IBM, Aeronyde will introduce AI to enhance machine learning of their robust UAVs. The Live Inspection and Surveillance (LISA) platform will be capable of safe urban operation and commercial use. Through data collection and partnerships with numerous state and private stakeholders, Aeronyde is building the future of Autonomous Aerial Systems. “We are committed to ensuring public safety and the responsible management of a new era of flight. The Sky’s No Limit”.

For more information, visit at

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