Hoverfly Technologies Becomes First AMAG Technology Certified Drone Partner

Hoverfly Technologies, Inc., America’s leading tether-powered drone manufacturer is pleased to announce its partnership with AMAG Technology, the leading global security integration company.


Hoverfly is the first drone company to receive AMAG Technology Certification, allowing Hoverfly drones to seamlessly integrate and interface with thousands of security monitoring installations that use AMAG Technology products around the world.


“This partnership means data, images, and information from our tether-powered persistent air vehicles will integrate with a huge installed base of video management and security monitoring systems,” said Rob Topping, Hoverfly CEO. “Hoverfly’s AMAG certification is a game-changer for companies and installations that need seamless airborne video and actionable intelligence information within their existing security information system.”


Since 2010, Hoverfly Technologies has manufactured easy-to-use, tether-powered drones that fly all day and get the job done for public safety, law enforcement, and security operations professionals who need immediate aerial awareness during critical situations.


The addition of AMAG Technology as the world’s premier integration partner means Hoverfly customers will not have issues incorporating Hoverfly’s meta-data, video, and information into their current security operations center.


“We are excited Hoverfly Technologies is the first drone company to become part of the Symmetry Preferred Partner program and be AMAG certified,” said AMAG Technology, Vice President – Products and Partner Programs, Jason Schimpf. “It demonstrates their unique understanding of the public safety and security industry. By integrating Hoverfly drone technology with AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Access Control solution, partners, safety, and security professionals will receive tremendous value as they identify and mitigate risks that may be miles away.”


Hoverfly Technology drones are uniquely manufactured with persistent power from a 200-foot tether allowing critical security missions to continue for hours, days or weeks, eliminating short flights and battery-changing interruptions.



Hoverfly Technologies Inc. (www.hoverflytech.com) designs and manufactures tether-powered aerial drones designed for persistent security and public safety applications. Our drones operate in defense, security, public safety, sports, media, and large industrial markets where reliability and durability are paramount.  Hoverfly drones fly continuously for hours, days and weeks at a time using mobile/ground power transmitted over the tether.  Hoverfly drones send RF secure data and operate from fixed base installations or “on the move” vehicles.  Our products fly autonomously and require no piloting skills, making them practical for all types of users, applications, and missions. Our customers equip their drones with a variety of payloads including video, IR cameras, communication detectors, transmitters, lights and more.  Hoverfly drones are designed, built and supported in the U.S.A.

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