Texo DSI Launches New UAV and Payload Rental Division

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection (Texo DSI) has announced the launch of its new UAV platform and associated payload rental service – Texo Drone Hire Division.


As owner-operators of the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic fleet of UAV’s and pioneers of disruptive survey and inspection technologies for industry; Texo DSI hold an extensive and advanced array of aerial platforms and associated payload options and will provide its rental offering to both UK and global, certificated operators.


John Wood, Chief Operations Officer, Texo DSI commented: “The UAV industry is growing at a rate that is catching everyone by surprise. However, there is a definite and increasing gap between advanced systems operators, such as ourselves and the majority of smaller, micro-operators who offer a similar level of technical delivery and are competing on price alone, rather than the technology they can offer.”


John added: “We aim to target those smaller UAV operators, who wish to raise their technology offering to their clients but who cannot justify the expense to purchase, for whatever reason, higher-end systems. We will be able to offer a flexible range of rental options, including straight day rate through to customer specific buyback schemes. The decision to commence an equipment rental service has been taken due to the extensive demand in requests from operators to rent and lease our equipment.”


For more information visit texodroneservices.co.uk

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