Idaho Technology Black Sage Plans Drone Defense Demonstration at Idaho State Capitol

Boise, Idaho based Black Sage will demonstrate drone defense on the State Capitol in Boise, Idaho at 3:30 p.m.Wednesday, February 21, with the company’s state-of-the-art counter unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) technology. The demonstration will be the first of its kind.

“The layered approach Black Sage employs to detect, identify and defeat unauthorized drones is the most capable and flexible technique used anywhere,” said Black Sage Managing Partner Dave Romero. “Using a combination of radio frequency detection, radars, thermal cameras and non-kinetic effectors, Black Sage protects the airspace and safely brings down incoming threats.”

During the simulation, Black Sage will create a virtual fence around the capital, fly a swarm of drones directly into the protected area, and demonstrate the counter-UAS system to safely defeat the threat using a handheld or stationary disruptor.  Idaho Governor Butch Otter and the Idaho legislature will be present to witness the high-tech simulation.

“Unmanned aircraft or ‘drones’ are not tomorrow’s technology,” said Idaho Governor Butch Otter. “They are today’s tools, for everything from warfare to farming. Unfortunately, tools that can be incredibly useful also can be terribly dangerous in the wrong hands. Technology like Black Sage has developed holds great promise for protecting our communities and our citizens from the very real threat of weaponized drones.”

Numerous Black Sage guests and customers from around the world will be on hand for the demonstration.  In 2017, similar equipment from their company was showcased at the world’s largest air show in Paris.

“We live in the age of drones and this consumer technology is rapidly advancing,” said Black Sage Managing Partner Ross Lamm, Ph.D. “Small unmanned aircraft systems are a genuine threat and there are creative people out there who intend to cause harm. This team has worked with a sense of mission to develop the system now keeping our nation and its allies safe. We appreciate the support of Governor Otter and the State of Idaho for the rare opportunity to demonstrate these capabilities in a public setting.”

About Black Sage:
Black Sage is a privately held defense technology integrator founded in Boise Idaho in 2014 by Managing Partners Ross Lamm Ph.D. and Dave Romero. With a team of experts, the company has provided solutions to customers all around the world.

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