Horizon Technologies To Introduce Xtender At Singapore Airshow

Horizon Technologies has completed the development of its Xtender satellite phone monitoring system, which enables small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to operate as signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection platforms.


Xtender supports simultaneous monitoring of L-band communications from Thuraya and Inmarsat iSatPhone Pro systems. It weighs less than 0.5 kg and can be integrated on small military or commercial UAVs; it can also equip CubeSats.


The unit works by acting as the remote RF front-end for a FlyingFish Airborne Satellite Monitoring System. It collects the transmit and receive sides of a satellite phone call and converts them to compressed digital data streams for transmission via the UAV’s datalink to the ground control station (GCS), at which the FlyingFish system is integrated.


Horizon Technologies’ small proprietary Xtender module (<.5 kg) and unique antennas for unmanned airborne platforms – extending the range of FlyingFish™ for detection of handsets/terminals.

FlyingFish™ is a key sensor for:

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Counter-Piracy
  • Fisheries Protection
  • Human Trafficking
  • Narcotics Interdiction

Xtender changes the way SIGINT is used on the battlefield, so now units as small as company-sized will be able to get critical data in real time without waiting for a strategic asset. Even the smallest UAVs have full airborne SIGINT capabilities as if the system was on board.


Now in its third generation, FlyingFish processes the data and has the capability to simultaneously monitor and analyze 64 duplex channels (32 Thuraya channels and 32 iSatPhone Pro channels), and is available with optional integrated AIS and GPS receivers. As well as communications, satellite phones broadcast geolocation data required for target coordinates.

A benefit of the remote transmission capability is that no secure information remains on the air vehicle.


For more information visit Horizontechnologies.eu


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