Sky-Drones Unveils SmartAP GCS Supports Entire Drone Workflow


Sky-Drones – the leading manufacturer of Flight Control Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has been working to design and create new solutions which will revolutionize the way companies build and operate drones for various market segments and applications, both industrial and commercial.

Can you imagine the ground control station software running on any platform or operating system? Welcome SmartAP GCS – powerful and intuitive software for managing your drones operations. It’s available for MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS and Linux. Runs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

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SmartAP GCS supports entire Drone Workflow


The integrated configuration tool allows you easily install SmartAP Autopilot specifically for your vehicle in less than 10 minutes. Various settings provide extremely flexible configuration to meet any requirements.


Creating the flight plan has never been easier – simply tap and place the waypoints and adjust various mission parameters. Intuitive planning interface allows you generating complex missions with no efforts.


Monitor various flight parameters of the system and adjust the plan during the mission. In case something is not right SmartAP GCS will automatically notify you and suggest the available actions.


All flights are stored in GCS and can be easily accessed for mission replay and parameters analysis. Payload data acquisition can be tightly integrated with the flight data. This allows concentrating on the mission, not the flight.


Drone configuration, mission planning, RTK support, flight data analysis – all in one app.

There are millions of applications. Thousands of drones. Five operating systems. Four platforms. One APP. SmartAP GCS

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About Sky-Drones

Sky-Drones develops flight controllers, hardware, software and all associated accessories for integration into any type of drone. Sky-Drones SmartAP products are currently being used worldwide for various industrial and commercial applications.


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