Elistair Raises 2 Million Euros with Starquest Capital and Accelerates Its International Growth

Expert in the field of tethered drones for aerial surveillance with unlimited autonomy, Elistair announces a 2 000 000 euros fundraising with Starquest Capital and its historic investors.

Elistair sales its systems to national, civilian, and private security actors. Since its creation in 2014, the French
start-up won the aerial surveillance and temporary telecommunications market thanks to its tethering stations
for drones, offering unlimited autonomy and fully secured data transfer.

Settled in more than 30 countries and supported by Total Development, the French Defense Procurement
Agency, and H2020 program, Elistair quickly became one of the international leaders on the tethered drones
market with clientssuch as Thales, the DGA, the US Army, Vodafone, Nokia or Securitas as well as many European
and Asian police forces.

Convinced by the executive team’s accomplishments and the development potential of the company, Starquest,
one of the leading actors in French venture capital, has invested 2 000 000 euros in Elistair, along with its historic
investors. Apparius brought its expertise to Elistair throughout this operation.

Since 2014, the company has been experiencing a very attractive growth in the security, defense, and
telecommunication sectors.

“This operation is a decisive step towards the acceleration of our international development and the consolidation
of our R&D team. Our objective is to make unlimited aerial vision accessible to civilian, national, and private safety
actors,” says Guilhem de Marliave, CEO, and co-founder of Elistair.

Julien Le Drogo, Director of Investment at Starquest, explains: “We are proud to support Elistair in its growth and
international development. The market is global, the technological breakthrough is major, and Elistair’s ambition
has no limits. Larger players in the industry have put their trust in this fast-growing start-up in demanding sectors
such as defense or telecommunications. These fruitful agreements, guarantee of quality and reliability, offer
Elistair great opportunities for the future: with the launching of the new Drone box in 2018, Elistair will be able
to get a drone off the ground, make it fly and land it back independently, without any human intervention.
The funds invested will allow the company to strengthen its R&D and commercial teams and reinforce their
technological lead to conquer even more ambitious markets. Elistair has everything to succeed as a global leader,
and we will help them achieve it.”



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