DDC Commences Testing Its Raven X1400 Cargo Delivery Drone

Drone Delivery Canada is pleased to announce that it will start testing its Raven X1400 cargo delivery drone in Q1 of 2018.

The Raven X1400 delivery drone is engineered to provide pay load capacities of up to 25lbs and designed to fly approximately 60km. The Raven X1400 boasts a larger payload compared to DDC’s Sparrow X1000 drone which had its Declaration of Compliance accepted by Transport Canada in December 2017. The addition of the Raven X1400 Delivery Drone is designed to meet the challenging weather conditions of Northern Canada and provide larger payloads should the demand for such be present.


To date, DDC has identified approximately 1000 Northern remote communities in Canada where both the Raven X1400 and Sparrow X1000 delivery payloads would both meet and exceed community requirements in terms of deliver payloads and travel distances.


“We continue to develop our platform to expand our capabilities to meet and exceed client requirements.”, commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO. “While doing so, we now simply just look to integrate our FLYTE Management System into a newer airframe design to expand the fleet.”


The Raven X1400 is fully integrated with the proprietary DDC FLYTE management system.  The Raven X1400, unlike the Sparrow X1000 will provide a unique and highly sought after dual payload configurations for both static and tethered deployment. Tethered deployment is a new and revolutionary technology which DDC has been developing over the past twenty-four months which the Company considers revolutionary and quite possibly the future for delivery in urban settings as it is not Drone Spot specific but rather never lands and deploys its payload by tether while hovering above at a height of approximately 100 feet.


DDC will commence testing of the Raven at its in-house testing laboratory evaluating its endurance and reliability and will commence outdoor flights once it has passed its testing procedure and SFOC approvals from Transport Canada.


For more information, please visit; www.dronedeliverycanada.com

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