Quaterniums’ Record-breaking Hybrid Drone Stays Aloft For Over Four Hours

Quaternium company, leading European brand of long-endurance multirotors, has set the World Record of
Endurance with a multirotor drone, accomplishing a 4 hour 40-minute flight (280 minutes) with HYBRiX.20
quadcopter on the 24th December 2017. This flight time beats any former demonstration ever made with an
electric, hybrid of hydrogen multicopter, including the previous record of 4 hours 34 minutes set in
September 2017 by Skyfront company.



The endurance of HYBRiX.20 drone is 1000% higher compared to current multirotor drones in the market,
which can fly for approximately 25 minutes. This incredible improvement is due to the development by
Quaternium company of a hybrid electric-fuel power system with a small combustion engine that keeps an
electric battery charged during the entire flight. This work, inspired by the automotive sector, has earned the
company the recognition of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) as one of
the 16 most innovative startups worldwide in the drone sector in 2017.

HYBRiX.20 RPA was designed by Quaternium in 2014 and its first model was built in 2015, demonstrating
the viability of hybrid technology to power drones. This innovation solved the main limitation of the VTOL
drone market: the lack of flight time. This change will bring a revolution to the professional drone market,
opening the door to applications that no one could imagine three years ago.

This innovative RPA is already available in several countries for aerial missions such as industrial
inspection, ground monitoring or emergency response. “Aerial monitoring is one of the main applications of
HYBRiX.20. Quaternium team has developed a system configuration with an advanced camera that enables
HYBRiX.20 to perform long-range observation missions” explains Jose Luis Cortes, founder of Quaternium.
Quaternium is looking for partners to expand the applications of HYBRiX drone. If you have an aerial
project that requires more than one hour of continuous flight or a related proposal, you can contact
Quaternium team at info@quaternium.com.

For more information visit Quaternium.com


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