SkyHopper PRO V Dual HD Video Processing & Communication In A Single-Box

Newly launched SkyHopper PRO V offers a drone data link that combines dual video processing & analytics with communication to enable dual streaming of full HD video, control, monitoring & telemetry in a single box solution. SkyHopper PRO V offers a high-end solution at a very attractive price point.

SkyHopper by Mobilicom has released its third product, the SkyHopper PRO V, an enhanced offering that combines dual video processing & analytics with communication, providing customers twice the offering at an attractive price point over other solutions. SkyHopper PRO V is a single box solution for commercial & industrial drones and robotics, accounting for control, monitoring, telemetry and real-time full HD video.

SkyHopper PRO V offers twice the performance as is common in the industry. Today, many drone data link solutions available in the industry typically offer either one encoder or one decoder per unit, and in many cases, none at all, requiring an additional investment in external encoder/decoders. SkyHopper PRO V comes equipped with two built-in encoders and decoders and three data connections – 5 total interfaces – in each unit, enabling simultaneous dual streaming from two separate cameras and double the video processing.

A few of SkyHopper PRO V’s key features include:

  • Two built-in encoders and decoders in each unit
  • Dual camera input with the ability to operate two different cameras (i.e. wide-angle & IR)
  • 3 Camera Interfaces – HDMI, Analog & IP
  • HDMI Audio Input & Output
  • Local recording ability – ability to record locally also while streaming
  • Control, Monitoring, Telemetry and Real-time Full HD Video in a single unit
  • Tremendous Line-of-Sight performance with a robust link
  • Superior communication through N-LOS and urban areas
  • Superior Security, Encryption & Protection, validated by top security organization

“We are excited to extend our SkyHopper solution to a more holistic product offering. This next step is the addition of video processing and analytics to our communication offering.” stated Oren Elkayam, Mobilicom CEO. “The launch of SkyHopper PRO V enables our customers to receive two essential drone elements in a single solution and at a more attractive price than purchasing each element separately. At the end of the day, we want to bring our customers the highest quality product to support their application needs.”

SkyHopper PRO V leverages Mobilicom’s proven technology and expertise as well as the success garnered by the SkyHopper PRO to date. The PRO V has already been validated by select customers, establishing high market traction.

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