PAE ISR’s Resolute Eagle Completes First Commercial Airspace Flight

PAE ISR recently proved its ability to integrate unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations into commercial airspace. The successful commercial airspace flight of PAE ISR’s Resolute Eagle took place on Nov. 8 at the Pan-Pacific UAS Test Range located at Pendleton Airport in Oregon operating under a Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Waiver or Authorization.


“This event signifies PAE ISR’s ability to successfully fulfill U.S. commercial and civilian requirements in addition to U.S. military missions,” said Chico Moline, President of PAE ISR.  “We are excited by this achievement as it represents our ability to offer our dynamic platform to a broader customer set.”


The Resolute Eagle is a Group 3 fixed wing tactical UAS delivering advanced performance in payload capacity, available power, and a small logistical footprint to support a variety of mission profiles.  It carries multiple intelligence payloads and offers long endurance capability at an affordable price.


PAE ISR LLC a joint venture of PAEAmerican Operations Corporation (AOC), and Battlespace Flight Services, LLC (BFS), that provides intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions and services to U.S. government agencies, NATO and other international organizations. As a lead systems integrator and full service provider for unmanned aerial systems, PAE ISR has significant experience in system integration, test and evaluation, operations and maintenance, logistics, training, deployment support, and leased UAS services.


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