SLANTRANGE Strengthens IP Position With New Patent In Data Analytics for Agriculture

SLANTRANGE, a leading provider of next-generation aerial remote sensing, analytics, and data services for agriculture, announced today the issuance of a new patent covering critical technologies for aerial crop inspection, measurement, and analytics. Patent 9,791,316, issued by the U.S. Patent and trademark office, solidifies SLANTRANGE’s leading IP position in the burgeoning field of agricultural data analytics.“

SLANTRANGE remains committed to setting the standard for measurement accuracy and repeatability, which is so critical to extracting the true long-term value of agricultural data analytics,” said Michael Ritter, CEO at
SLANTRANGE. “ Our calibrated measurement and analysis techniques, first introduced in 2014, are now enabling
growers, agronomists, and researchers in dozens of countries around the globe to gain new insights about their crops that simply aren’t possible with manned aircraft or satellites.”

Agriculture professionals are increasingly turning to low – altitude remote sensing to provide specific and time –
sensitive information about their crops, including metrics such as plant counts and weed maps to indications of disease, pest infestation, or nutrient deficiencies. However, the accuracy of these measurements is critically important as it can directly impact both the cost of inputs to the crops as well as the resulting yield. SLANTRANGE’s new patent strengthens an already robust IP position covering technology which is now recognized as fundamental to the adoption of aerial crop inspection and digital agriculture.

“Not only do our accurately calibrated measurements provide valuable snapshots of crop performance for immediate action,” said Ritter ,“but our patented techniques now unlock the ability to compare data over time, enabling longer-term value for trend analysis and ultimately more accurate agricultural forecasting .”


SLANTRANGE is an agricultural intelligence company that develops and markets sensors and analytics systems designed specifically for the needs of farmers. By quickly providing insights from the field, SLANTRANGE
gives farmers more control over agricultural land, helping to reduce operational costs and improve decision making.

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