Kittyhawk Launches New Group Collaboration Features at DJI AirWorks

Kittyhawk, the drone operations platform that unifies the mission, aircraft, and data, today announced a suite of new features for it’s Flight Deck platform. Kittyhawk’s Flight Deck platform, an enterprise-focused piloting platform for DJI hardware, now features real-time aircraft telemetry for the whole team with real-time video and audio streams. These new features continue to unify and enable commercial teams to work more collaboratively.


Flight Deck’s aircraft tracking enables managers and team leaders to see where their team is flying in real time on gorgeous maps from their mobile device or from Kittyhawk’s robust web application. “In the old days, fleet managers and Chief Pilots had to rely on written reports to see where and how their pilots flew last month or last quarter,” said Jon Hegranes, Co-Founder and CEO of Kittyhawk. “Today, compliance and collaboration happens in near-real-time.”


Real time telemetry is part of a rapidly growing suite of features designed to increase transparency for teams of operators flying in a multitude of locations. Kittyhawk’s enterprise customers are making use of this technology to manage teams of hundreds of people flying hundreds of times per day. Kittyhawk’s platform allows enterprise teams to elegantly scale their drone operations as they grow — something no other player in the industry does with such ease.


In conjunction with the new aircraft tracking feature inside of Kittyhawk Flight Deck, the company is also announcing secure live streaming of video and audio. Now, any member of the team can start flying a DJI drone and securely share the video feed with anyone else on the team, straight to their mobile device, no matter where in the world they happen to be.


Flight Deck’s new streaming functionality also includes a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency-like (CTAF) feature so anyone watching the stream can talk in real-time to anyone else watching or flying. Team members can now seamlessly communicate to the pilot and each other to gather and share insights — be it incident command at a fire, or subject matter experts viewing live video of infrastructure or machinery half a world away.


Flight Deck’s aircraft tracking feature  is available today to all 54,000 Kittyhawk users. Video streaming is available for select Kittyhawk Enterprise customers and will be rolled out more broadly in 2018.


About Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft and data to empower safe and effective drone operations. Based in San Francisco, the company develops real-time flight operations and management solutions for professional pilots and fleet managers across a multitude of missions. Leading companies and organizations in media, insurance, oil and gas, education, law enforcement, fire and emergency management all trust Kittyhawk for their end-to-end drone operations.

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