Star River Partners With Aerotronic To Develop Robotics Systems For The Security Industry.

Star River Inc. and Aerotronic are proud to announce their partnership to create Unmanned Security Systems. The partnership will allow for the co-development of both unmanned and/or automated Security System Solutions Land, Sea and Air.

The face of Security will change with the marriage of Technology and Human Interaction. Now the Static Security Guard will be replaced by a better trained and well paid “Security Operator” who will potentially be able to dynamically respond to multiple issues using various technologies.

Star River, Inc. was established in 2014 and is world’s first Security Consulting Firm to offer Unmanned Security System Solution consulting and integration. Aerotronic has produced one of the most advanced single rotor unmanned aerial system on the market. The Dauntless is built to fly many mission profiles and is versatile in all conditions due to its weather hardened construction and industry first health management system.

Dauntless is the only system in its class with Two Heated Payload bays. This allows for a larger operational envelope, further enhancing mission readiness. Multiple users can control the sensors independently with dual video links, so you don’t have to sacrifice situational awareness of the operators for that of the data product consumer.

The Dauntless advanced features do not end at the rotor craft, Aerotronic uses a high-end Ground Control Station that is able to set waypoints, monitor the health of the drone, support full motion video. Aerotronic’s system can provide full situational awareness and fly completely autonomously. In a Security realm these features are priceless. The open payload bay allows for an integration of a variety of Security based solutions. Payload packages can be hot swapped to in a few minutes. Allowing operators to change from Security Patrols to Inspection quickly. This will save time and money.

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