SkyHopper Breaks into Japanese Market with eLAB Partnership

SkyHopper by Mobilicom has set its footprint in the Japanese market, securing a design win with leading Japanese unmanned vehicles manufacturer, eLAB. eLAB manufactures unmanned vehicles for air, ground and sea, as well as IoT devices. The Company caters to many commercial applications, including infrastructure inspection, surveillance and monitoring, search and rescue, and security.


The SkyHopper solution will be integrated across two of eLAB’s drones – the LAB470 quadcopter, which may be used for autonomous flights, and the LAB695 hexacopter, a heavy duty industrial drone. eLAB is forecasting the production of hundreds of drone systems in the coming years, in which SkyHopper will be integrated.


Given the breadth of applications that are served by eLAB’s drones, it will be employing multiple ground units working with each drone simultaneously, leveraging SkyHopper’s unique point-to-multipoint feature. Furthermore, Mobilicom’s achievement of obtaining TELEC certification enables SkyHopper to be immediately operated, integrated and sold within Japanese drone systems.


“SkyHopper not only offers us robust and reliable communication, but the technology is very versatile, which enables us to apply it to the requirements of the different drones and the solutions they provide,” said eLAB’s CEO Tomoyuki Izu.


Mobilicom is dedicated to ensuring that eLAB and its other Japanese customers are getting the solutions and support they need, by offering a product portfolio with specifications that are tailored to the demands of the Japanese commercial drone and robotics market as well as technical support and integration services.


Mobilicom’s CEO Oren Elkayam stated: “We have made significant efforts to succeed with SkyHopper in the Japanese market. From adjusting our offerings to cater to the needs of the Japanese market to obtaining the necessary TELEC Certification, Japan is a priority area for SkyHopper and we will continue to invest in the region. We are excited to embark on this journey with eLAB and foresee an opportunity for a fruitful ongoing partnership.”


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