Consortiq Rolls Out New CQNet Drone Flight Planning Upgrades

Consortiq has rolled out a series of new upgrades for its safety-led drone operations management software, CQNet, introducing a more user-friendly and intuitive version of the tool for easier and more efficient operations.

New features include a modern mapping tool, an easier application interface, and a more streamlined process by which to access flight planning documentation.

“We’ve made the user experience of the product a lot better, by making things much more streamlined for them to find, which is one of the more visible upgrades to CQNet,” Gareth Beverley, Head of Technical Operations at Consortiq, says.

“This is based on user feedback. We’ve taken on-board what our customers have to say, and we have generated this evolution of our product because of that.”

Flight operations documentation is now exportable into a format that can be more easily accessed, in order to pass it on to a relevant party or to be used as a reference throughout a mission, making information that was already available through CQNet more accessible.

Users will additionally be able to make amendments to the checklist feature available in CQNet, adding annotation to record and have notes to be able to refer to later.

“Those notes will then be exportable into the flight planning documentation,” Beverley notes. “This is for their own and the customer’s benefit; the user can show the customer what they are planning to do in detail, and it can enhance the professionalism of the operator.

“We also have enabled the ability to mitigate advisories from the web interface for those that like to pre-plan their operations. But we remind everyone that they still need to check airspace details when they are on site.”

Some of these are standard responses that the user knows in advance, and they can now be added into the mission at the pre-planning stage to alert the operator when they are carrying out the mission. This, therefore, means that they can forward plan better, and it streamlines the mission on site if nothing has changed.

Another new feature is the ability to search by latitude and longitude coordinates for flight and mission planning, so specific areas can be searched, as well as more remote ones.

Flight logs for two additional drone manufacturers can also now be uploaded into the system, namely the aircraft provided by Aerialtronics and Pulse Aerospace.

Consortiq will be exhibiting its CQNet upgrades at TechDay in London on 27th October 2017 and at the Commercial UAV Show on the 15th and 16th of November 2017.

Can’t make either of these events? See CQNet’s functionality and advanced features with a live interactive demo.

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