Introducing Verity Mapper, A Flexible Solution For UAV Mapping, Surveying And Inspection

UAV mapping projects require reliable, repeatable accuracy before they can be used and trusted by professional clients. The most common method of achieving this has been placing ground control points (GCPs) which must be spread across the entire site. Whether traditional surveyed targets or the various smart GCPs with built-in GPS, GCPs require site access and staff mobilization to place (and collect) the targets. These are pain points on the path to efficiently achieving highly accurate mapping outcomes.


Verity Positioning, a powerful PPK geo-referencing hardware/software/methodology solution, enables high accuracy mapping without the need to place ground control points. The system uses a sophisticated proprietary methodology for camera positioning, calibration, and photo tagging, essential steps for creating accurate 3D models and maps.


The Verity Positioning PPK hardware is a light weight plug and play kit that can easily be installed on any drone, by end users or as an OEM product for manufacturers. The simple yet sophisticated post-processing software produces accurate results in any global or local coordinate system and datum.


Built on best-in- class, military grade GNSS technology by the Klau Geomatics team, with deep academic and industry experience in photogrammetry and aerial systems integration, Verity Positioning is the leading product in this market.


“This is an efficient, affordable, professional solution with an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability for survey grade mapping applications” says Rob Klau, Director at Klau Geomatics.


Find out more about Verity Positioning PPK and how it can help your business at 

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