Global UAV Technologies Partners With Fallen American Veterans Foundation

Global UAV Technologies announced today that it has been chosen by the Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc. (“FAVF”) to provide survey services and custom UAV solutions to aid in their efforts to search and recover U.S. Military Personnel Missing in Action (MIA) worldwide. Global UAV will commit the availability of its specialized UAV-MAGTMsystem and other technology and equipment to assist in the search and recovery of the missing aircraft and their crews.  FAVF has received funding and logistics support for its search and recovery efforts from both private donors, the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Global UAV was selected based on the proven experience of its field personnel and survey methods to work in harsh environments like the high arctic, and in international jurisdictions with specialized UAV-based geophysical solutions. Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd. will be the main participating partner from the Global UAV Group for these projects. The first search and recovery project will be focused on locating a US Coast Guard J2F-4 Grumman Duck which crashed in a remote area of Greenland on the 29th of November 1942, and is now covered in ice.

“We are proud to work with the Fallen American Veterans Foundation. on these missions. This organization puts real efforts and resources onto the ground to “Honor the Promise” of “Leave No Man Behind” that applies to all U.S Military Personnel Missing in Action. Our survey technology and remote-location work capabilities are world class, and we are pleased to utilize them in such an important recovery effort.” stated Michael Burns, CEO of Global UAV Technologies.

“We are pleased to have Global UAV and Pioneer Aerial Surveys commit to join our efforts in these searches. Pioneer brings a unique technology solution that will make our searches on the Greenland ice cap more efficient, safer and cost effective.” stated Lou Sapienza, Fallen American Veterans Foundation’s Board Chairman and Expedition Lead.

About the Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc.

The Fallen American Veterans Foundation, Inc. (“FAVF”) is a 501c3 non-profit charitable Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) formed to “Honor the Promise” of “Leave No Man Behind.”


Cofounded by surviving family members of 3 Antarctic US Navy airmen from Operation Highjump and a leading polar deep glacier aircraft search & recovery expert, FAVF is a Subject Matter Expert (“SME”) to the US Coast Guard (“USCG”) and US Department of Defense (“DOD”) conducting polar recoveries outside the normal DOD recovery parameters in some of the most remote and inhospitable areas of Greenland, Antarctica, the Philippines, Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin and Alaska.

With over 83,000 US Military Personnel Missing In Action since WWII, FAVF remains committed to honoring those “who have given America the fullest measure of their devotion” while providing their families with the closure they deserve.   FAVF executes a combination of intense “old-fashioned” investigative work with cutting edge remote sensing science deployed by the foremost experts in the world.


For more information about the Foundation, please visit or their “FallenAmericanVeteransFoundation” Facebook page.

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