Global UAV Technologies’ Announces Plans to Offer Turn-Key Security and Remote Sensing UAV Systems

Global UAV Technologies Ltd.  announces that it is in the process of advancing NOVAerial as an authorized reseller of Electro Optical/Infrared (“EO/IR”), Lidar and Multispectral sensors. The Company’s subsidiary also announces it has completed a large-scale high-resolution survey on a diamond project in Northern Saskatchewan.

NOVAerial Robotics Update

Global UAV’s wholly-owned subsidiary NOVAerial Robotics Inc. (“NOVAerial”) has started discussions on agreements to become an authorized reseller of remote sensing equipment. The advancements are focused on multi-spectral, Lidar and EO/IR sensors. This will allow NOVAerial to offer fully integrated high-end sensor packages as turnkey solutions for its customers. The sensors are widely used in the security, environmental, agriculture and natural resource industries.

Global UAV’s President & Director James Rogers states “The Global UAV team projects there will be an increase in demand for security specific UAV’s equipped with thermal and optical sensors. By becoming an authorized reseller of these and other sensor technologies, the Company aims to be well positioned to provide a wide range of industries with turnkey UAV solutions.”

NOVAerial’s primary UAV is the Procyon 800E Helicopter. The easy-to-fly Procyon is an ideal platform for these specialized payload instruments and applications due to its reliability, endurance and fast launch capability.

NOVAerial is also currently developing a multi-rotor UAV which will be competitive in price and capability to the current high market demand systems. In addition, NOVAerial products offer a more secure control on user collected data by utilizing Ardupilot open source flight control software.

Pioneer Aerial Update

The Company would also like to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary Pioneer Aerial Surveys Ltd. (“Pioneer Aerial”) has completed a UAV-MAGTM survey on a northern Saskatchewan diamond project. This marks the 3 rd and largest diamond-focused survey conducted by the company.

Pioneer Aerial completed a 573-line km survey in the Fort a la Corne diamond district in Northern Saskatchewan. The survey was focused on identifying potential kimberlite targets for diamond exploration. The survey was flown with 20m line spacing and at low altitudes for high resolution. The survey was completed in 4 days by a team of two people.


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