Introducing Verity Mapper, Turning any Drone into an Accurate Mapping System

Creating reliable, accurate mapping and inspection products from UAVs has its challenges with many pain points on the path to efficiently achieving highly accurate and accessible mapping outcomes.

Verity Mapper leverages it’s hardware, methodology, software and the cloud to create a flexible end-to-end solution, increasing accuracy, economy, and efficiency.

Verity Positioning, a powerful PPK geo-referencing hardware/software/methodology solution, enables high accuracy mapping without the need to place ground control points. The system uses a sophisticated proprietary methodology for camera positioning, calibration and photo tagging, essential steps for creating accurate 3D models and maps.

Data from Verity Positioning can be processed in existing desktop photogrammetry workflows, or optionally uploaded to the 4DMapper platform. This streamlined end-to-end solution for high accuracy photogrammetry is powered by Autodesk to deliver unmatched quality in 3D maps and models.

4DMapper, an established provider of cloud hosting and streaming services for geospatial data, has enabled this collaboration via API integrations as an example of how geospatial products can be leveraged on the cloud. 4DMapper provides rapid data viewing and sharing, with efficient workflow tools for asset inspection, virtual surveying, and geospatial analytics.

The combined solution, called Verity Mapper, is a synergy of these three professional geospatial products, enabling reliable, survey grade mapping, turning drones into precise, efficient mapping machines.

Verity Mapper saves time and money by eliminating the pain points in aerial mapping:

  • Improve efficiency in the field. No site access required to place ground control points
  • Leverage the processing power of the cloud. No local hardware/software requirements for photogrammetry processing
  • Leverage your data on the cloud. Enable immediate visualization, analytics, sharing, collaboration… on a web browser.
  • Turn your drone into an accurate machine for mapping, surveying and asset inspection.

“This is a non-prescriptive solution”, states Rob Klau, Verity Director. “Surveyors can use Verity Positioning with their usual desktop software, and drone operators can still access Autodesk photogrammetry from their 4DMapper account with or without a Verity Positioning kit (using traditional GCPs) to create and visualize 3D maps and models.”  or


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