3DR Introduces 3 New Site Scan Features To Improve Workflows

Today we’re excited to share introduce new updates to Site Scan. These updates help Site Scan fit even more seamlessly with your existing workflows and help you get actionable insights from your drone data, making it easy for you to get actionable insights from your drone data. Here’s what’s new:

1. Enhanced PDF Exports

Exporting PDFs of your drone maps is one of Site Scan’s most popular features. Today, it gets even better: we’ve added two new overlay options to your PDF exports.

First, you can view ground control points on your exported map, so you can easily locate them when out in the field.

Second, if you want to use our PDF Overlay feature to view your design files in Site Scan, you can now export those overlaid files as well, with the click of a button.

2. Improved Elevation Model

We’ve added a legend to the elevation model, making it easy for you to see what elevation range each color corresponds with. This helps take the elevation model one step further, giving you detailed information to help you grade and prepare your jobsite.

As one of our customers from Arcadis, a global engineering consultancy, said: “I find the elevation model helpful for understanding drainage and runoff areas. With Site Scan, we can get this type of information much faster and with far greater detail than a traditional survey.”

3. Intuitive GCP Workflow

Lightning, the Site Scan ground control point workflow, is 5X faster than alternative processes. Today, we’re making it even easier to use: Site Scan now displays the orthomosaic in the georeferencing workflow, making it simple for you to quickly find and tag GCPs and process them in the cloud. This is especially helpful for the teams who have one person setting GCPs and flying the drone, and another person back at the office georeferencing and processing the data—now, regardless of whether you were out in the field or not, it’s easy to find your GCPs by referring to an up-to-date orthomosaic of your jobsite.

Want to learn more about Site Scan and how it could work for your business? Feel free to contact us to set up a discovery call.

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