Bonduelle Selects Deveron UAS as Preferred Drone Data Partner

Deveron UAS Corp. , is pleased to announce that Bonduelle North America Long Life has selected Deveron as their Preferred Partner for drone data collection.

“We are excited to be continuing to push our drone program forward with Deveron as our Preferred Partner in the drone data space,” commented Jennifer Thompson, Technical Program Manager. “We see the opportunity to fly drones multiple times a year over every acre of farmland that we manage to enhance and improve our agronomic decisions for each field.   We see that utilizing this technology along with analytics can decrease our environmental footprint and work with our growers to improve their land.”

“Bonduelle is a global leader in the ready-to-use vegetable space.  Their use of data to drive efficient decision making on the farm is proving transformational and we look forward to supporting their drone data needs moving forward,” commented David MacMillan, President & CEO of Deveron. “Growers require a drone data network solution for high resolution, non-satellite data that allows them to scale data collection across assets in multiple locations throughout North America. We look forward to developing this relationship further and helping Bonduelle realize their vision of drones surveying their farmland multiple times per year.”

About Bonduelle North America: 

Bonduelle North America Long Life is a well-established vegetable processing business in the Americas with over 2,000 employees and 800 growers who grow over 100,000 acres across 17 different vegetable crops and operates several production sites: 8 in Canada, 4 in the United States. These sites are used to transform frozen and canned vegetables and a variety of canned sauces, baked beans, legumes and soups. As well as producing for major retail brands, the American subsidiary also markets vegetables under its own brands, including Arctic Gardens and Graves in Canada, and Bonduelle in Canada and the United States.

About Deveron UAS:

Deveron is a nationally compliant, Transport Canada licensed, UAV operator providing enterprise drone data services to agriculture.  Deveron’s data helps farmers increase yields and reduce costs using sophisticated Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UAS” or “drones”), sensors, software and analytics.  Deveron’s drone data service network allows enterprise level customers to obtain on-demand, actionable data without exposure to technology and capital risks.  The Company is focused on building a standardized network of drones and sensors to provide data in North America.

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