Resource Group’s Unmanned Aviation Services Flight School Opens in Kosovo

Resource Group has announced that it has operated its first flight school in Kosovo, focusing on the use of drones in mine action.  


Resource Group’s Unmanned Aviation Services division has been working in partnership with MAT Kosovo (part of the PCM Group), the international mine action standards training specialists, to organize a week-long flight school in Kosovo. Three months in the making, this progressive flight training course focused on the use of drones within the specific requirements of the Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) field.


From Saturday 16th September, Resource Group provided training to operational users, system developers and academics enabling them to learn and share their current experiences. This bespoke training meets the requirements of the Remote Pilot Qualifications (RPQ-s), Resource Group’s Civil Aviation Authority approved drone qualification, whilst ensuring relevance through its focus on the very specific requirements in the exceptionally challenging ERW arena.


As the sole flight training partner of MAT Kosovo, Resource Group supplied drones, course materials and an evaluation towards the RPQ-s certification, giving all attendees the opportunity to gain a formal qualification. With a focus on the safe and legal handling of drones, the training applied real-world ERW experiences and scenarios preparing students for the challenges encountered in the ERW environment.


Mark Jones, Head of Unmanned Aviation Services for Resource Group, said

“We’re delighted to have a productive partnership with MAT Kosovo and the PCM Group. As the partner of choice for this important and cutting-edge application of drone technology, we feel that the integration of drones into this well-established field will add yet another tool to the armoury in the fight against explosive remnants of war. Resource Group look forward to providing attendees with the skills they need for safe and legal drone flight, and helping to develop insight in this critical area worldwide.”


This event provides a baseline and foundation for the future development of drone technology within mine action. The ongoing collaboration between Resource Group and MAT Kosovo contributes to a better understanding of the use and potential of drones in all ERW activities, along with providing the skills and qualifications required.


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